client problem

99 Way Entertainment, a Maryland-based film company, urgently needed funding for their documentary on Olympic Gold Medalist Bianca Knight. Unimpressed with their initial, unprofessional sponsorship deck designed by another company,, they turned to KooziArts for a polished and effective redesign. The new sponsorship deck was needed to enhance their appeal to corporate sponsors and secure the necessary funding for their impactful documentary project called “Fast Dreams.”

our solution

We created a professional sponsorship deck, aligning with their funding goals for the documentary and brand. Inspired by the documentary poster’s color palette, the deck showcased compelling imagery, infographics, and text designed to inspire donations. It effectively communicated the client’s dedication, encouraging potential sponsors to contribute to this impactful project.

scope of work

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identinty
  • Visual Identity
  • Font Selection
  • Image Selection
  • Layout

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