client problem

Swift Motion Pictures is an independent film company and long-standing client in Milwaukee. They enlisted our assistance in designing diverse movie posters tailored for theater promotions, streaming platforms, and print. Additionally, they required marketing collateral, including flyers showcasing the film’s stars, promoting the movie playlist, and announcing a casting call for artists for the soundtrack. They also needed digital and print flyers to promote the upcoming movie screening. This project was typical of our work with them on each movie they make.

our solution

We’ve successfully delivered outstanding print and digital assets to Swift Motion Pictures for their film promotion. Our movie posters, designed for theaters, streaming platforms, and print, are captivating and diverse. The marketing collateral, including flyers with the film’s stars, promotional material for the movie playlist, and casting call announcements, enhances visibility. Additionally, the digital and print flyers for the movie screening are set to generate excitement and anticipation. These assets will play a crucial role in Swift Motion Pictures’ comprehensive and compelling marketing campaign.

scope of work

  • Movie Poster Design
  • Multiple Flyer Designs
  • Invitation Design
  • Video Teaser

other projects

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