client problem

Quality Septic, a longstanding client located in Atlanta, has been a veteran in our client portfolio. The company, known for its expertise in septic tank repair and installation, is now venturing into producing a retail-friendly, flushable enzyme tablet to prevent septic tank degradation. They approached us to design packaging that is not only effective but also shelf-ready and appealing to customers at Home Depot and Lowes.

our solution

We crafted packaging for Quality Septic that not only appeals to the client’s preferences but also resonates with the established tone in the market, providing a sense of familiarity for customers. Opting for various shades of blue was a strategic choice, as this color represents “trust” and aligns with the product’s associations with water and freshness, offering customers a reliable solution. The inclusion of the red Septic 911 logo adds a touch of seriousness to address septic problems, with the cross symbolizing medical aid, drawing a parallel to the home aid customers seek for their septic tanks. This thoughtful design approach ensures that the packaging not only stands out on the shelf but also conveys a sense of trustworthiness and urgency to potential buyers.

scope of work

  • Packaging
  • Layout design

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