client problem

Legend Roofing, a prominent roofing company based in Atlanta and a valued long-term client, approached us for the design of a billboard, a magazine ad, and a car wrap for their pickup trucks. We regularly design billboards and magazine ads for this client, but the truck wrap was a new idea for the company to increase their visibility through Atlanta. The goal for Legend Roofing was to enhance mindshare within their current market and extend their market share within the Atlanta roofing industry.

our solution

We successfully crafted impactful marketing materials for Legend Roofing, including a compelling billboard, magazine ad, and pickup truck wrap. Our designs leverage strategic graphic elements and imagery to convey expertise and reliability in the roofing industry. The central image we created for the truck wrap serves as a powerful focal point, contributing to a cohesive and impactful visual identity on the company’s fleet. The company that installed the wrap added the needed text elements to the design.These materials are poised to enhance Legend Roofing’s market presence and expand their reach within the Atlanta roofing industry.

scope of work

  • Advertising Layout
  • Billboard Design
  • Truck Wrap

other projects

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